Paying Bills and Keeping the Dollars Balanced

Cindy Boatright  Cindy Boatright

In celebration of Women in Construction Week March 1-7, 2020, Pogue Construction has profiled women from various departments throughout the company to find out why they choose to work in construction and how they make an impact at Pogue Construction.

Cindy Boatright, Accounts Payable Manager

Describe your role at Pogue:

My role is to make sure that our accounts payable division runs smoothly. I work with a great team of individuals and enjoy teaching them the ins and outs of the accounting department.

How long have you worked at Pogue?

I have worked at Pogue for almost 30 years (one of the longest tenured employees).  A friend from church, Denise Taylor (who retired several years ago), brought me in as a receptionist.  She served as a mentor and trained me in accounts payable and payroll.  I was working at a bank when Denise convinced me to make the jump into construction.  There were only 7 employees back then. It’s been amazing to see how streamlined and efficient we’ve become over the years thanks to manpower, experience, and technology.

What does a typical day in your job look like?

My days usually involve processing payments for subcontractors and vendors and troubleshooting various challenges that arise. Ultimately my goal is to keep our subs and vendors happy by making sure they get paid quickly while ensuring we are in compliance and able to release funds. I love to support our project management team by helping them set up and maintain their job costs.

Our department involves a lot of checks and balances, making sure all the numbers end up in the right place for accounting purposes. I oversee a team of four in accounts payable, so there are always several eyes checking numbers and accounts.

What is your favorite aspect of working in construction?

I love the camaraderie of working in construction. Even as Pogue has grown over the years, we are very family oriented and all really care about each other. I’m a people person and love building relationships, so it’s fun to be able to work with subcontractors, owners and especially the people inside Pogue.

What is the best memory you’ve had from working at Pogue?

The opportunities afforded to me by working at Pogue have been incredible. I especially enjoyed getting to accompany leadership on mission trips to Mexico. It’s so cool to see how our company gives back and makes a difference for people who live so simply, especially children living in orphanages.

What advice do you have for women who are interested in working in construction?

Be confident in your work. Learn from others. Enter the industry with an open minded and know there is opportunity for growth. It’s important to be flexible, strong and willing to jump in anywhere help is needed.

How a colleague describes Cindy:

“Cindy is a joy to be around, she makes every team member better. There is not a more caring individual than Cindy.” ~Mark Wheelis, Chief Financial Officer