Light Farms Elementary Progress Report

While it may be affecting our moods (like, bad), this winter weather sure isn’t putting a damper on the construction progress of Light Farms Elementary. It’s crazy how much difference a month makes – from the photo above you can tell how much progress the crew has made just in the past few weeks. And don’t forget, enrollment begins later this Spring and doors will be open this August! It’ll be here in no time, so start sharpening those pencils…


Light Farms Elementary Update

Unless you are on-site like we are every day, it’s hard to tell just how far our new elementary school is coming along. Thankfully you have us to keep you posted…and to take aerial shots of the progress. As you can tell by this photo, it’s progress with a capital P! And thank goodness, because the inaugural school year starts this August (enrolling later this spring). Gold stars to the construction crews!

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