Pogue Construction has been privileged to participate in several construction management projects where, in comparison to the competitive bid process, it produces a more positive team effort between the owner, architect and contractor alike.

Usually construction management organizations are selected on the basis of their individual expertise and previous experience in the type of work to be defined. Under the construction management concept, it is felt that the greatest savings and cost benefits to the owner will be obtained by careful planning during the design stage and that the occasional cost savings that might result from competitively bidding the design responsibilities would be more than lost in the specifications that had to be prepared in a hurry without checking.

There are two forms of construction management: Construction Manager and Construction Manager at Risk.

It is our opinion that the Construction Manager at Risk offers the most benefit to the client.

The greatest difference between the two is that CM at Risk offers a GMP, the maximum cost for construction. Reference the following charts to see the relationships in the construction management process.